Attachable Tie-Down Loops for Trucks

The invention is a removable tie-downdevice for bed caps on pickup trucks and trailers.

  • Uses SlidingClamp System
  • Does NotRequire Drilling
  • Two Part Design
  • ProvidesMultiple Tie-Downs Points
  • Superior HoldDown Strength


Patent #7,997,839

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Dean L. Gallegos & Bonnie F. Gallegos of Bakersfield, CA have developed a removable tie-down attachment system for use with pickup trucks and trailers.

Pickup trucks are becoming popular as everyday vehicles due to their utility and convenience in hauling items coupled with the availability of luxury interiors and extended cab space. Many of these pickup trucks are equipped with tie-down hooks. As handy as such tie-downs are, it seems they are never in the right location to adequately and safely tie down cargo. As such, many users resort to jury rigged strapping methods, which may result in damage to the cargo or truck, or present a safety issue. Inventors D. Gallegos & B. Gallegos have developed a means by which tie-down points in a pickup truck bed can be provided where needed in a method to safely secure cargo.

This clever new invention consists of a two part design that does not require any drilling. This sliding clamp system provides multiple tie-down points, and allows for superior hold down strength on any cargo. The use of the Attachable Tie-Down Loops for Trucks allows for quick and easy securing of any object that is transported in a pickup truck bed or utility trailer in a safe manner.

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