Attachable Swimming Pool Exercising Device

The invention is an apparatus to aid in performing various water-based exercises along the edge of a pool.

  • Increases Endurance, Flexibility, Stamina & Health
  • Perfect While Swimming In Place
  • 360 Rotating Handles With Lock
  • Pressure Release Suction Cups
  • Elderly, Disabled, Child and Adult Friendly

Story Behind the Invention

More than ever, people are frequenting health clubs and performing exercise routines at home to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some choose to perform exercises in a pool due to their low impact on the body. Most exercises require the individual to be stationary, forcing them to hold onto the side of the pool to attempt to stay in position. However, the flat surface is difficult to grip and may be too slippery to hold. Inventors Siskowic have created a means by which pool-based exercise participants can be afforded a useful and comfortable hand grip surface while performing their exercise routines. With experience from 10 years of working with U.S. Army Non-Commissioned Officers as a physical trainer, in addition to having earned an EMT II certification, the inventors possess the knowledge that is necessary to develop such a unique invention.

This clever new invention is used for water-based exercise and physical therapy and helps to increase endurance, flexibility, strength, stamina, and overall health. It is perfect for use while swimming in place with its pressure release suction cups that securely grip the side of the pool surface. The invention has a 360o rotating handle which locks in place, making it great for use in pairs. The use of the Attachable Swimming Pool Exercising Device provides users of all ages the ability to perform water-based exercise routines in a stationary manner without the usual difficulties and discomfort of trying to hold onto the edge of the pool.

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