Attachable Shoe Sleeve

This invention a textile sleevethat is applied over ones shoes to allow the user to slide their feet whileperforming exercise or dance moves without friction.

  • Eliminates Users Shoe GripFlooring Surfaces
  • For Use On Hardwood, Tile, & Carpeting Floors
  • Reduces Joint Stress
  • Provides More Mobility
  • Prevent Ankle & Knee Injuries


Design Patent D680,715

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Herbert Johnson, Jr. of Vancouver, WAhas designed a textile sleeve thatwhen applied to a shoe allows the user to dance without friction.

More than ever, people arefrequenting health clubs and performing exercise routines at home in order tolose weight, improve muscle tone and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Various dance routines such as jazzercise,cardio party workouts and high-energy dancing are an important part of suchexercise.  One aspect of such workouts isthe requirement of sliding your feet along the floor in lieu of liftingthem.  However, many participants wearathletic footwear for the purposes of arch and ankle support, but such footwearalso has the unfortunate side benefit of high gripping power.  InventorJohnson has created a means by which onecan wear athletic footwear while performing dance routines that require onesfoot to slide. 

This clever new invention providesgreater mobility when dancing and exercising. It eliminates the unwanted gripping effect of an athletic shoe, whichreduces joint stress and prevents ankle and knee injury.  Additionally, the invention can be used onhardwood, tile and carpet.    The use of the AttachableShoe Sleeve providesusers the ability to perform almost any type of dance routine that requires oneto slide their feet while wearing athletic footwear in a manner which is quick,easy, and effective.

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