Attachable Rack for Hand Trucks

The invention is a metal rack that attaches to a hand truck which helps aid in stabilizing and controlling of the packaged beverages during deliveries.

  • Increases Usability of Hand Trucks
  • U Shaped Frame
  • Attaches to Back of Frame
  • Compatible With Most Hand Trucks
  • Saves Money From Damaged Cases


Design Patent #D699,414

Story Behind the Invention

The common hand truck is a very useful piece of equipment that receives constant use around the world. For instance, it is commonly used in the delivery of canned and bottled beverages such as beer, soda, and water, due to its small size and ease in which it can be steered and controlled. However, when packages of cans or bottles are stacked, such hand truck loads are prone to becoming top heavy and likely that the packages may topple over, not only creating a mess, but also resulting in loss of product and associated costs. Inventor Poplawski has created a solution to prevent such unfortunate accidents.

This clever new invention increases the usability of hand trucks with its U- shaped frame that attaches to the back of a hand truck which securely holds packages in place. The invention saves money from damaged cases and is compatible with most hand trucks. The use of the Attachable Rack for Hand Trucks provides a safe and efficient means to enhance the usability of a hand-truck by allowing it to carry a multitude of beverage container cases.

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