Attachable Pads for Footwear

Inventors Knights patented invention called the Attachable Pad for Footwear is cushioning for use in eliminating pressure or other painful contact while wearing footwear.

  • Soft, Protective Padding
  • Cut to Size
  • Available in Numerous Colors
  • Use on Watches, Hats, etc.
  • Also Protects Delicate Surfaces


Design Patent # D677,456

Story Behind the Invention

GARLAND, TX Inventors Kim & Lisa Knight announce their patent pending invention known as the Attachable Pad For Footwear.

Inventors Knight developed this clever innovation, which is used in eliminating pressure or other painful contact while wearing footwear. The device comprises padding and a paper backing. The padding comes in a sheet format with overall dimensions of four inches by six inches or eight inches by ten inches. The padding has precut strips in varying widths ranging from fractions of an inch up to perhaps two inches wide, being sized as small, medium and large. The padding is made of foam, textile, other non-allergenic materials. The padding is also coated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive. The paper backing, of a releasing wax paper type, is envisioned to be applied to this adhesive and is commonly used in the to provide protection to the adhesive. The protective material can be used on sandal straps, shoe tops, sandal toes, shoe toes, sides of shoes, heels of shoes and other areas needing some protection. When no longer needed, it can be easily removed and discarded. The use of the Attachable Pad for Footwear provides a solution for contact pain from new or ill-fitting footwear in a manner that is quick, easy and effective.

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