Attachable Hanging Hook

  • Used With MostBags
  • Non-MarkingRubberized Coating
  • Carabineer ClipAttaches to Strap
  • Perfect ForTravelers
  • ProtectsPersonal Property


Patent #8,083,202

Story Behind the Invention

Whileshopping with her young daughter, Laura L. Hutchison of Moorpark, CAvisited a public restroom. She was carrying shopping bags, a purse,a diaper bag and a baby in a baby carrier. The public restroomprovided a door hook, but there was only one. Laura was forced todecide which bags would be protected from the dirty restroom floorand which bags would not. It was then that an idea was born.Frustrated by being dependent on the presence, absence orinsufficiency of door hooks in public restrooms, Ms. Hutchisondecided to invent a way to attach hooks to the bags themselves.

Thisclever invention is a versatile hook that attaches almost any type ofbag to a variety of surfaces, both vertical and horizontal. Thehinged center affords the hook the ability to fold flat for easy,compact storage, to open fully to 180 for use on vertical surfacesand to lock securely at 90 for use on horizontal surfaces. Thishook works either as an aftermarket accessory purchase or as apermanently affixed feature to new bags during the manufacturingprocess. No matter where the consumer finds themselves in need ofhanging an item (restroom, airplane, restaurant, hotel, locker room,office, etc.) this design allows bags and purses to stay clean andsecure!



Workswith any type of bag:


Brief Cases

Computer Bags

Diaper Bags

Gym Bags




Sturdy metal construction 

Non-marking rubberized coating 

Locking hinged design 

Multiple attachment options: 

-Carabineer clip 

-D-ring or nylon loop 

-Fixed pocket 

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