Attachable Bicycle Trailer

This invention is a single-wheel attachable bicycle trailer used to haul large and heavy amounts of cargo with a bicycle.

  • Easy To Pull Long Distances
  • Ideal For Hauling Supplies/Equipment
  • Adaptable For All Sizes Of Bicycles
  • Gooseneck Connection Arm Attaches Easily
  • Universal Joint Allows Synchronized Movement


Utility Patent #8,636,094

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Thomas C. Conner and Richard C. Persinger of Ottawa, IL have invented a new single-wheel trailer that can be used to easily transport cargo with a standard bicycle.

Bicycles are a wonderful mode of transportation for many different reasons. They provide exercise, save on fuel costs, and are good for the environment. However, bicycles are unsuitable for many everyday uses, such as grocery shopping, due to their lack of cargo space for transporting items. The inventors have designed the Attachable Bicycle Trailer to address this need.

This clever new invention provides a large, flat area which allows a large amount of cargo to be easily transported over long distances by the rider. The trailer is adaptable to all sizes and styles of bicycle, and the gooseneck connection arm makes attaching and detaching the trailer extremely quick and easy. The universal joint ensures synchronized movement to allow for easy steering and smooth riding. The use of the Attachable Bicycle Trailer is a great way to open the door to new opportunities and enhance the capabilities of any bicycle.

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