Ashtray with Snuffer

The Ashtray with Snuffer is an ashtray with an attached snuffer that puts out lit cigarettes or cigars.

  • Safer than traditional ashtrays
  • Holds multiple cigarettes or cigars
  • Easy to clean
  • Puts out cigarettes or cigars quickly
  • Helps eliminate smoke


Design Patent D677,426

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Diana L. Henry of Alexander, ARhas designed an ashtray with an attached snuffer that puts out litcigarettes or cigars. 

Many people enjoy smokingcigarettes and cigars; however, there are a few disadvantages that go alongwith traditional ashtrays associated with this pastime.  For starters, ever after the lit cigarette orcigar is put out it still continues to admit smoke, which further pollutes theair.  Second, the cigarette or cigar mayremain lit without the smoker even realizing it, which can cause unsafeconditions.  Finally, some ashtrayssimply are not large enough to hold the number enough butts that may accumulatein a short time.  Inventor Henry has created an ashtray that addresses theabove concerns. 

This clever new invention is safer than traditionalashtrays, and can hold multiple cigarettes or cigars.  It quickly extinguishes lit cigarettes andcigars, which helps to eliminate additional smoke in the air.   Additionally, it is easy to clean and reuseas needed.   The use of the Ashtray with Snuffer allows smokers toquickly and easy extinguish lit cigarettes and cigars.
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