Articulating Fishing Rod Holder

This invention is an apparatus to hold a fishing pole in a strike-ready position.

  • Allows Fisherman Freedom While Fishing.
  • Ensures Security For Both Rod & Reel
  • Y-Shaped Yoke Balances Rod & Reel
  • C-Shaped Clamp Attaches Above Reel
  • Used With All Rod & Reel Combos
  • Use On any Terrain


Utility Patent 8,453,372

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Greg D. Moe of Fairfield, CA has created a new product that allows fishermen to fish while leaving their poles unattended.

The technology used by anglers to catch fish has become increasingly complex in nature. However, the fisherman still has to hold the rod no matter how advanced the technology. Many people find long periods of holding a rod to be boring and tedious if nothing is happening. The development of the Articulating Fishing Rod Holder helps to alleviate this problem.

This clever new invention is a method for allowing the fisherman to watch for potential catches with hands free while the rod is held in place. A system of yokes and clamps secures the rod in the proper position. This unique system allows the rod to sustain the force of a sudden catch and prevents the rod from going overboard, unlike many makeshift systems designed for the same reason. The Articulating Fishing Rod Holder makes a great addition to any fishing trip.

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