Articulated Tea Party Doll

The Articulated Tea Party Doll is a play doll with articulated joints, enhanced eyes, and beautiful hair for true-to-life play.

  • Sleepy Eyes Open/Close
  • Doll Can Bend at Shoulders, Elbows, Wrists, Hips, and Knees
  • Doll's Head Turns and Waist Can Twist
  • Can Be Posed in Almost Any Position
  • Hair Can Be Washed and Styled
  • Doll Can Have Any Color Eyes, Hair, or Skin Tone
  • More Realistic Play Activities Are Now Possible


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Angela D. Fischer, working in doll restoration in Sedewickville, MO, has created a new doll that kids have longed for and the market has been looking for. This play doll features articulated joints, enhanced eyes, and beautiful hair. She can have any color eyes, hair, or skin tone for true-to-life play.

As a doll restorer/creator, Inventor Fischer was commissioned to create a doll for a woman with advancing Alzheimers disease. She was instructed to make a special doll that could be used during a tea party. In turn, she created the Articulated Tea Party Doll. This 36 or larger doll is the perfect companion for your next tea party, picnic, etc. Or take her almost anywhere because she can ride along just like you.

This clever new doll has sleepy eyes that open and close. This is a great feature since many of todays dolls have painted eyes. She can bend at the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, and knees. Her head can turn and her waist can twist. She can be posed in almost any position. Her hands can grasp and point. Now the most realistic play activities are mostly possible. This doll also has artificial hair that can be washed and styled. The Articulated Tea Party Doll will provide the highly realistic entertainment a child wants and is sure to keep their attention throughout their growing years.

Additional Information

Doll can be dressed and designed in different ways.
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