Arm Rest for Mower Steering Handle

The invention is a movable armrest system that attaches to zero radius turning mowers.

  • Prevents Muscles Strain
  • Armrests Move in Unison with Levers
  • Adapts to Most Zero Radius Turning Mowers
  • Permanent or Temporary Attachment
  • Ideal for Landscape Professionals

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Ronald F. Gubin of Foxlake, WI has designed a movable armrest system that attaches to zero radius turning mowers.

Many Americans spend countless hours maintaining and beautifying their lawns and landscape. As a matter of pride and personal expression, these people manicure their grass, plant flowers, shrubs, bushes, and trees all for the sake of enhancing the aesthetic qualities of their property. On properties with large areas of grass to cut, zero radius turning riding mowers are very popular. These mowers utilize two operating levers which are pushed forwards and backwards to control the movement of the mower, which are typically supplied with armrests. However, since the operating levers require almost continual adjustment, the user is either forced to hold their arms up, resulting in discomfort, or move their arms continuously back and forth over the armrest, resulting in skin irritation. Inventor Gubin has created a means by which zero turning radius mowers can be operated in complete comfort.

This clever new invention allows for the armrests to move in unison with the levers, which prevents muscle strain and skin irritation. The new armrest system can adapt to most zero radius turning mowers, and can be permanently or temporary affixed to such. The use of the Arm Rest for Mower Steering Handle allows for the cutting of grass using a zero turning radius mower in a manner that is easy and effective.

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