Arm Rest for Couches

The invention is a set of dividers that can be inserted between seat cushions on a couch to provide an arm rest for each person.

  • Multiple Styles & Designs
  • Provides Comfort
  • Fits Any Couch
  • T-Shaped Design
  • Easy Installation & Removal


Design Patent D 595,980

Story Behind the Invention

Many people have sofas, loveseats, or sectional sofas as part of their home furniture. Such seating areas provide a large area to seat more than one person and allowing the option of lying down. However, when a person sits upon such an item, they have at most one arm rest to rest their arms. Those sitting in the middle may have none. This quickly becomes uncomfortable even after a short period of time, and can become downright annoying such as when watching television. Pillows can be used, but they tend to loose their shape quickly and take up valuable seating surface on the sofa itself. Accordingly, there exists a need for a suitable arm rests can be provided for sofas, love seats, and sectional sofas.

Being one of those people that likes resting their arms on an arm rest, inventor Nadine Walters of Lecanto, Florida developed the Arm Rest For Couches - a clever innovation which allows any location on a sofa to have a comfortable resting point.

The set of dividers can be inserted between seat cushions on a couch to provide an arm rest for each person. The T-shaped design allows for stability while in use, while the padding gives an added level of comfort. The invention is easily installed and uninstalled allowing one to convert their sofa into various seating arrangements in moments. Additionally, this creation can be made in a variety of colors and sizes to coordinate with almost any sofa. The Arm Rest For Couches provides an ideal solution to the existing problem found when one must sit in the middle of a couch, love seats, or sectional.

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