Arm-Her is an attractive visible gun holster for women.

  • Feminine Style Women Have Been Waiting For
  • Simply Pick it Up and Put it On
  • Military Elastic and Velcro
  • Non-Slip Design
  • Pockets for Carrying Cellphone, Keys, ID Cards


Design Patent #D790,213.

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Erin L. O'Driscoll of Kennesaw, GA has created an attractive visible gun holster for women!

The idea was born while she was trying to find a sexy holster for herself. While at the gun shop, two other ladies were actually searching for the same thing too! The military style options did not suit their taste. In turn, Inventor ODriscoll developed Arm-Her. This clever new invention has the feminine style women have been waiting for!

Arm-Her was designed to be visible so others will see youre carrying in order to deter predators. It is made of military elastic and Velcro with embellishments like satin and lace. Pockets hold a cellphone, keys, and ID cards. Simply pick it up and put it on in one motion. Its non-slip design ensures that your pistol stays secure. Not only is it good looking, its comfortable too!

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