Apparatus for Transporting Combines

Our Apparatus for Transporting Combines allows for the self-removal and storage of the outer tires of a combine while transporting on public roads without exceeding a typical width limit. This involves a crane to be swung over either outside tire of the combine and provides lifting and winch support for removing the tire.

  • Easily Reach Outer Tires
  • No Vehicles Required for Assistance
  • Multiple Pivot Points for Easy Access
  • Aftermarket Add-on or OEM
  • Universal Mount System Fitting AllCombines


Utility Patent #9,630,449

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Timothy S. Thomas of Bowdle, SD has designed a means to self-remove and store the outer tires of a combine, so that it can travel on public roads without exceeding the width limit.

The field of agriculture relies upon many different machines in order to improve efficiency and lower the cost of food for all. Perhaps the most well-known of these machines is a combine which is used to harvest various grains. While these combines perform their work in fields across the country they often must be transported from site to site using public roads. As the widths of these combines usually exceed the width allowed on roadways, it is a common practice to remove the outer tires on either side of the combine. This keeps the overall width of the combine to a suitable dimension allowing transport on a trailer. However, due to the size of the tires, rims, and drive train it is often necessary to arrange for a crane, forklift, or winch, along with another vehicle to provide outside support when it comes to removing these large tires. Inventor Thomas has created a means to easily remove combine tires.

This clever new invention would be made available as an aftermarket add-on or an OEM part on new models. It would easily reach the outer tires, and features multiple pivot points for easy access. The invention would work with all combines making it universal. The use of the Apparatus for Transporting Combines allows for transportation of large combines upon public roadways in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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