Anti-Slip Ladder Shoe Adapter

The Anti-Slip Ladder Shoe Adapter helps prevent ladders from slipping when used on hard and/or icy terrain.

  • For Outdoor Use
  • Provides Increased Safety
  • Teeth Practically Eliminate Any Slippage, Even on the Iciest of Surfaces
  • Won’t Impact Functionality of Ladder
  • Easily Removes When No Longer Needed


Utility Patent #10,017,989

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Shea Kellogg of Pouce Coupe, BC has created an apparatus that helps prevent ladders from slipping when used on hard and/or icy terrain.

Ladder use is a year-round necessity. Many times ladders are used in wintertime conditions where snow, ice, and otherwise slippery ground conditions exist. This is especially true when putting up and taking down outdoor holiday lights and decorations. Should the ladder slip on the icy ground, serious injury or even death could result. In turn, Inventor Kellogg created the Anti-Slip Ladder Shoe Adapter. Now ladders can be provided with increased friction for better footing on slippery terrain.

This clever new invention is for outdoor ladder use. Its a great safety feature. A series of aggressive triangular teeth practically eliminate any slippage, even on the iciest of surfaces. The invention wont impact the functionality of a ladder. It can be left in place for the entire winter season, and then easily removed when no longer needed, leaving no tell-tale usage marks behind. For manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities, act now!

Additional Information

This is a very unique and simple friction fit design that is adaptable to a variety of different manufactured ladders. It takes less than a minute for removal and mounting when using a pressure lock system to grab an existing ladder foot. There will be no damage this way to the ladder, and it maintains the integrity of the ladder to correspond to ladder safety regulations in the USA and Canada.
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