Child’s Animal Shaped Blanket

The invention is a blanket shaped like your babies favorite animal which "hugs" your child inside a luxurious plush fabric providing soothing comfort.

  • Cuddles Infant like a Real Teddy Bear  
  • Helps Child Feel Secure & Comfortable 
  • Ideal for Daycare or Naptime
  • Overlapping Blanket with Velcro Arms & Legs
  • Breathable & Washable Material


Design Patent D679,479

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Ruth M. Carrera of Clovis, CA has designed a blanket shaped like your babies favourite animal which"hugs" your child inside a luxurious plush fabric.

This clever new invention isan overlapping blanket with hugging arms and legs.  It allows your child to feel secure and comfortable duringnaptime, story time, movie time or anytime.  It is made of a breathable and washable material that isalso plush and luxurious.  The useof the Child's Animal Shaped Blanket allowsinfants, toddlers and small children to rest or play in manner that is fun andcomfortable.

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