Anchored Outdoor Pet Dish

The invention is a pet bowl for outdoor use with an integral anchoring feature.

  • Physically Anchored Into Ground
  • Tapered Sides Prevents Caught Leashes
  • Bowl is Detachable From Anchor
  • Will Not Topple Or Tip Over
  • Cannot Simply Pull Out
  • Textured Grips Make It Easy For Removal or Placement


Design Patent #D721,860

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Cindy Parks of Marion, VA has created a pet bowl with an integral anchoring feature for outdoor use.

Keeping pets is a time-consuming task, requiring one to constantly feed, groom, and clean up after their animal friends. Those that keep animals outside at all times know hardships such as unfavorable weather that these animals must endure. Another burden endured by owners of outdoor pets is keeping their food and water dishes from becoming toppled over. Wind or dragging leashes often will flip the bowls over, leaving pets without food or water until the owner returns. Inventor Parks has created a means by which pet food and water bowls can be protected from accidental tipping.

This clever new invention is physically anchored into the ground with tapered sides that prevent caught leashes. The bowl is detachable from its anchor but cannot simply pull out. It will not topple or tip over and textured grips make it easy for owners to remove or place. The use of the Anchored Outdoor Pet Dish provides pet owners a method of ensuring that food and water bowls do not become toppled or disturbed in outdoor environments in a manner that is quick, easy, and effective.

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