Air Pump for Drill Pipe

The Air Pump for Drill Pipe is an apparatus designed to prevent the loss of drilling mud on a gas or oil drilling rig.

  • Takes Place of Mud Buckets
  • Prevents Financial, Environmental, and Safety Impacts
  • Uses Air Valve and Air Hose Connector
  • Air Forces Drilling Mud Back Into the Well
  • Saves Time and Money

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Chad Smith, a drilling consultant from Oil City, LA has created an apparatus designed to prevent the loss of drilling mud on a gas or drilling rig.

As anyone who performs a great deal of mechanical work will attest, nothing beats having the proper tool for a job. Each field of mechanical work has its own type of specialty tools, each performing a specialized task. One field where there has been a need for such a specialized tool is that in the oil and gas drilling industry. Currently, mud buckets are used when removing sections of drilling pipe. Mud buckets are intended to capture excess drilling mud as it empties from the pipe. The mud is then stored and reused. However, mud buckets tend to spill a large amount of mud, thus impacting safety for those walking, and working on the rig.  It also poses an environmental impact. Inventor Smith has created a means by which the release of drilling mud can be controlled in a more efficient manner.


This clever new invention takes the place of mud buckets. It prevents financial, environmental, and safety impacts. It uses an air valve and air hose connector. Air forces drilling mud back into the well. It saves time and money. The use of the Air Pump for Drill Pipe allows for the removal of drill pipe from a well, without worry of loss of drilling mud, or the environmental and safety impact of spilled drilling mud.  

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