Air Foil Wing for Trailers

  • Mounts to Base of Trailer
  • Reduces Drag/Increases Mileage
  • Mountable On Any Large Truck
  • Manually/Automatically Controlled from Cab
  • Aftermarket Kit

Story Behind the Invention

InventorShawn Houk of Oklahoma City, OK has inventeda system and method by which an airplane shaped wing is attached to atractor-trailer rig in order to decrease wind resistance.

Large truckssuch as tractor-trailer rigs are an important part of any business thatinvolves moving large quantities of material. However, these vehicles are well known to be very low on fuelefficiency.  Inventor Houk created the Air Foil Wing for Trailersas a convenient means to make these rigs more aerodynamic, thereby increasingfuel efficiency and saving costs.

This clever newinvention is designed to mount to the base of a trailer.  The improved shape reduces drag on the truck,effectively making the truck more lightweight. This in turn improves mileage and puts less stress on the vehiclescomponents.  This system is designed tobe adaptable to any large truck.  The airfoil wing can be controlled from the cab of the truck, either manually orautomatically.  In addition, the productis designed to be easily installed on existing vehicles.  The use of the AirFoil Wing for Trailers is a perfect way to extend the life of atowing vehicle and increase fuel economy in a method that is quick, easy, andeffective.

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