Track Shelving System with Adjustable Shelves

The invention is a drawer glide system that allows each shelf to extend outwardly for restocking and retracts for sales.

  • Ideal For Grocery Store Shelving 
  • Saves Stocking Time
  • Shelves Are Fully Adjustable 
  • Available In A Wide Variety Of Sizes 
  • Hidden Locking Release Lever
  • Eliminates Ergonomic Rick Factors


Utility Patent #9,044,089

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Sukhbir Singh Sandhu of Surrey, BC has created a drawer glide system that allows shelves to extend outwardly for restocking and retract for sales.

While placing food on grocery store shelves seems like a simple task, it can quickly become complicated when one realizes the work that must take place. The product must be moved forward as sales progress so that shelves do not look empty. The product must also be turned so that the labels are facing forward. Additionally, the newer restocked products must be added behind the older products which are to be sold first. All of these actions take place by squeezing and threading ones arms through an opening on the shelf to move items around. This task is difficult when performed at chest level but even more complicated when performed at lower levels near the floor that require workers to stretch and contort their body while stocking shelves. Inventor Sandhu has created a means by which rear areas of grocery store shelves can be easily accessed to address these concerns.

This clever new invention is ideal for grocery store shelving. It saves stocking time, has fully adjustable shelves and is available in a wide variety of sizes. There is a hidden locking release lever and it eliminates ergonomic risk factors. The use of the Track Shelving System with Adjustable Shelves provides for grocery store shelf stocking in a manner which is not only quick, easy and effective, but time and effort saving as well.

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