Adjustable Plant Protector

The invention protects your plants against extreme weather conditions such as heavy snow or blurring sunlight. Simply place over plants during the needed season, adjust legs for plants size, and your plants are protected!

  • Placed Over Plants in Extreme Weather
  • Adjustable Legs to Fit All Plants
  • Stake Legs into Ground for Stability
  • Ideal for the Avid Gardener
  • Decreases Plant Replacement and/or Landscaping Costs


Patent #D673,016

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Daniel P. Grimes of Chelmsford,MA has created a means for protection of plants againstextreme weather conditions such as heavy snow or blurring sunlight.

Manypeople spend countless hours maintaining and beautifying their yardincluding plants and bushes. As a matter of pride and personalexpression, these people care for items in their yard by cultivatingthe soil, removing weeds, applying fertilizer and pesticides,watering, and the like all for the sake of keeping their yard lookinggood. Part of this care often includes protecting certain plants andbushes from the ravages of cold weather. Many people resort towrapping plants and bushes in burlap for protection. While such asolution does work, it takes a long time to individually wrap eachplant or bush. Additionally, the act of wrapping the plant or bushcan cause damage itself. Inventor Grimes has creates a means by whichplants and bushes can be protected without these disadvantages.

Thisclever new invention is placed over plants in extreme weather.Adjustable legs fit all plants and stake into ground for stability.It decreases plant replacement and/or landscaping costs and is idealfor the avid gardener. The use of the PlantProtector allows for protection ofplants during cold or inclement weather in a manner which is quick,easy, and effective.

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