Adjustable Grilling Platform

The Adjustable Grilling Platform is an apparatus to assist in cooking over a campfire.

  • Provides Large, Flat Grill Surface for Cooking
  • Made of Durable Steel
  • Ideal for All Types of Outdoor Cooking
  • No Bending Required
  • Disassembles After Use Without Tools


Utility Patent #9,554,669

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Rick Hughes of Bedford, KY has created an apparatus to assist in cooking over a campfire.

Whether prepared on a grill, or over a campfire, food cooked outdoors just seems to taste better than food cooked indoors. Many people who cook outdoors as part of a camping trip use a grill, which must be brought along for the trip with fuel, legs, cooking surfaces, and the like. Even those who cook on a campfire must bring a complicated stand with multiple legs that seem to collapse, and are never long enough to place food high above a fire. Another option is a complicated tripod arrangement which is difficult to set up, and then can only be used with a kettle. All of these solutions are either complicated, difficult to store, or hard to transport. Inventor Hughes has created a means by which virtually any type of food can be cooked over a campfire without these issues.

This clever new invention provides a large, flat grill surface for cooking. The device is made of durable steel. It is ideal for all types of outdoor cooking. No bending is required. The invention disassembles after use without tools. The use of the Adjustable Grilling Platform provides a means to cook almost any type of food over an open campfire, in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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