Adjustable Footrest

The invention is a device to hold ones feet and legs in an elevated/spaced position to aid in improving health or speeding recovery from medical conditions.

  • Helps Promote Recovery After Surgery
  • Can Be Used In Bed Or Chair
  • Prevents Twisting Of Foot
  • Portable
  • Soft, Comfortable & Durable


Utility Patent # 8,408,652

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Frank L. Mobley, Sr. of Ashford, AL has designed a device to hold ones feet and legs in an elevated position to aid in improving health and comfort.

Doctors often require patients to elevate their legs for various health reasons, which may include recovery after surgery, to combat leg swelling and water retention, and to help with congestive heart failure. Most people utilize another chair or footstool to meet such requests, but such devices never seem to be at the right height. Others may use a pillow while lying down in bed, but pillows capsize over time and move about during the night. Additionally, neither of these solutions allows for ready height adjustment to facilitate comfort or keep the legs apart. Inventor Mobley has created a means by which legs and feet can be kept elevated and spaced apart, which is superior to current methods.

This clever new invention is soft, comfortable and durable. It is portable, so it can be use either in bed or a chair. This footrest helps promote recovery after surgery, and will not allow the user to twist their feet. The use of the Adjustable Footrest allows those recovering from foot surgery or suffering from debilitative diseases the ability to keep their feet and legs elevated in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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