Adjustable Cutting Guide

  • Serves as a Straight Edge
  • For Dado, Cross & Similar Cuts
  • Spring Loaded Clamps for Secure Alignment
  • Works With Routers, Circular & Jig Saws.
  • Improves Safety & Efficiency


Utility Patent #8,578,827

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Thomas Jaroche of Andover, MA has designed a portable, hands-free guide that provides assistance when performing various wood cutting tasks.

As any professional contractor will attest, nothing beats having the proper tool for a job in order to save time and money, produce higher quality work, and provide for the increased safety of the worker. One type of work common in many fields is using a power saw to crosscut a piece of dimensional lumber. Many turn to a framing square to serve as a guide when performing the cut. However, the square can easily move during the cut and cause an erroneous cut and wasted material. Also, it forces the user to place their hand near a spinning blade. Finally, this method does not work at all when using other tools to produce dado cuts. Inventor Jaroche has created a hands-free tool which allows one to accurately cut lumber.

This clever new invention serves as a straight edge guide for making dado, cross cuts, and similar cuts. It works with routers, circular saws, and jig saws to produce accurate cuts. The spring loaded clamp securely attaches to the wood for hands-free use of the guide. As a result, safety and efficiency of work are drastically improved. The use of the Adjustable Cutting Guide provides users with an accurate wood cutting guide for a power tool in a quick, easy, and safe manner.

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