Adjustable Book Stand

The Adjustable Book Stand is a book receptacle with an adjustable support assembly for increased reading convenience.

  • Holds Books at a Proper Orientation
  • Support Clip and Adjustable Clamp for Secure Reading
  • Can be Used While Standing or Sitting
  • Easily Adapts to Any Height
  • Great for Rehabilitation Patients


Design Patent #D697,345

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Cynthia Therrien of Fitchburg, MA has created a book receptacle with an adjustable support assembly for increased convenience while reading.

Even in our computer age, books remain a standard for studying and reading. For reading to occur while producing the least amount of stress on the reader, it is necessary to hold the book at the proper orientation. Books placed flat upon a desktop while studying can produce unwanted glare and cause difficulty reading. In addition, it is difficult to pick up a book and hold it at an angle whenever it needs to be referenced. Inventor Therrien has created a means by which books and similar items can be configured at an angled orientation for increased comfort whether sitting or standing.

This clever new invention holds books at a proper orientation. A support clip and adjustable clamp are provided for secure reading. The device can be used while sitting or standing. It easily adapts to any height. It is great for rehabilitation patients. The use of the Adjustable Book Stand provides a means for reading printed material without the use of ones hands in a manner which is quick, easy, and efficient.

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