Adjustable Batting Practice Tee

  • Teaches &Reinforces Line-Drive Hitting
  • Beneficial ForAll Ages & Skill Levels
  • Tees AreIndividually Adjustable
  • Teaches ProperSwing Extension
  • Teaches Short,Direct Swing Path
  • Utilizes DualTee System


Patent #8,257,202

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jeffrey A. Stanek ofPatton,PA hasdeveloped a simple, yet effective way for baseball players to improvetheir batting skills.

Thesport of baseball has remained among the most popular in the recenthistory of our country. The pure exhilaration of playing the game issomething that many people cannot resist. However, for one to becomeskilled at baseball or softball takes a great deal of time andpractice, especially when it comes to hitting the ball. More gamesare won and lost on hitting than almost any other factor of the game. As such, much coaching time is spent on hitting, especially when itcomes to hitting the ball squarely. Being accurate produces powerfulline drives, versus hitting it off-center which results in groundingout or hitting pop-flies. Inventor Stanekhas created a new training device to save coaching time and producebetter swings.

Thisclever new invention teaches proper swing extension to reinforceaccurate line-drive hitting. It teaches a short, direct swing pathand emphasizes hitting the ball squarely. The invention utilizes adual tee system with the tees being individually adjustable to allowfor different combinations of desired swing styles. Also, it isbeneficial for all ages and skill levels. The use of the AdjustableBatting Practice Teeprovides a quick and effective means of improving batting techniquethat is also simple to use.

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