Accident Analysis System

The Accident Analysis System is a recording device for motor vehicle data relating to an accident.

  • Helps Insurance Adjusters Evaluate Accidents
  • Recorder Is Located Within a “Black Box” Enclosure
  • Operates Continuously
  • Reduces Both Auto and Medical Insurance Fraud
  • Could Result in Lower Insurance Costs


Utility Patent #9,767,692

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Louvena Vaudreuil of Lakeworth, FL has created a recording device for motor vehicle data relating to an accident.

As a medical worker, Inventor Vaudreuil sees countless patients come in with injuries from car accidents. Often times they have to pay out-of-pocket due to insufficient information collected by the insurance companies and police reports. Inventor Vaudreuil was inspired to create the Accident Analysis System after seeing firsthand the difficulty her patients have with the insurance process and insurance fraud. She knew there had to be a way to prevent or decrease the rate of these confusing accients. Almost anyone can claim some type of damage to themselves or their vehicle with virtually no proof of how the damage happened. This type of fraud occurs with great regularity, and causes insurance rates to rise for all of us.

This clever new invention helps insurance adjusters evaluate accidents. A recorder is located within a block box enclosure. A series of camera, radar, and ultrasonic sensors around the vehicle detect approaching objects in an effort to help a driver avoid an accident. The device operates continuously. It reduces both auto and medical insurance fraud. It could result in lower insurance costs.

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