Absorbent Device For Baby Bottles

The invention is an attachable cloth for a baby bottle designed to eliminate the need for a baby bib.

  • Elastic Hole to Securely Hold Bottles
  • Positions Below Lips to Absorb Spilled Liquids
  • Machine Washable
  • Replaces Traditional Baby Bibs


Utility Patent #8,132,682

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Mary Chackonal of Lawrenceville, GA has developed an attachable cloth for a baby bottle, which is designed to eliminate the need for a baby bib.

Feeding an infant can be very rewarding, as it forms a special bond between a child and a parent. Unfortunately, it can also be messy. Any formula or milk that leaks out during bottle feeding is sure to run down the childs face, and is only seldom caught by the bib. The formula is more likely to end up on the childs clothing and that of the parent. However, even if the bib is successful, it takes time to put it on, annoys the infant, irritates the skin, and becomes wet. Inventor Chackonal has created a means by which babies who are feeding from a bottle can be protected from spills and leaks without the inefficiencies and discomforts of a bib.

This clever new invention has an elastic band, which secures the invention to the bottle. During the feeding process the invention slips under the chin or lip of the infant to absorb any spilled formula or milk. Additionally, it is made of washable material for easy cleaning and reuse. The use of the Absorbent Device For Baby Bottles provides the protection and cleanliness of a bib without the time, mess, or aggravation.

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