Above Ground Pool

The invention is a locking cover for an above ground pool ladder to prevent unauthorized access. This unique cover with safety pins secures the ladders support bars ensuring a tight fit which stops anyone from climbing the step which keeps kids safe when the pool is not in use.

  • Denies Access to Ladder
  • Prevents Accidental Drowning Tragedies
  • Completely Covers Steps of Ladders
  • UV Protection Plastic
  • Safety Pins Hold Into Place


Design Patent #D793,581

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Bryant J. Hebert, Carrie Hebert and Amanda Hebert of Houma, LA have designed a locking cover for an above ground pool ladder.

It is all too often we hear about the tragic accident of a child that drowns in a backyard pool while no one is around. While fences, gates, and alarms do help in this regard, the pool ladder is often the final line of defense in keeping a child out of the pool. Some pool ladders are provided with a removable coupling that allows the ladder to be removed during periods of non-use. Unfortunately, such ladders are heavy and may be left in place for convenience while sacrificing safety. Even if they are removed, users must then find a location for the ladder where it does not pose a tripping hazard. These same problems exist with other ladders that may be found around the residents such as roof access ladders and RV roof access ladders. The Inventors have created a means by which all types of ladders can be secured from unauthorized access.

This clever new invention can prevent accidental drowning. It is made of UV protected plastic, and features safety pins to hold it in place while completely covering the ladder steps. With the invention in place and secured no one can access the ladder. The use of the Above Ground Pool Safety Cover provides an increased level of safety and peace of mind for owners of swimming pools in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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