Non Disclosure Agreement

Statement Of Non-Disclosure and Complete Confidentiality Complete this form for a free, no obligation review of your idea. This Record of Invention Form certifies that you are the originator of the invention disclosed, including all additional information submitted moving forward from this date. This Non-Disclosure Agreement certifies that nobody within or associated with For Sale By Inventor may knowingly manufacture, sell, distribute or attempt to profit from your invention in any way from the date you submit your invention.The information you submit may be shared with a separate patent law firm, Cramer Patent & Design to evaluate patentability and intellectual property rights. The information shared with Cramer Patent & Design will be bound by attorney client privilege. All employees and representatives of For Sale By Inventor are required to sign confidentiality agreements to ensure complete confidence for you and your invention idea. *A digitally time-dated copy of your Record of Invention will be sent to you by email immediately upon submission for your records. Sincerely,

Neil E. Montgomery CEO For Sale By Inventor