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Statement Of Non-Disclosure and Complete Confidentiality Complete this form for a free, no obligation review of your idea. This Record of Invention Form certifies that you are the originator of the invention disclosed, including all additional information submitted moving forward from this date. This Non-Disclosure Agreement certifies that nobody within or associated with For Sale By Inventor may knowingly manufacture, sell, distribute or attempt to profit from your invention in any way from the date you submit your invention.The information you submit may be shared with a separate patent law firm, Cramer Patent & Design to evaluate patentability and intellectual property rights. The information shared with Cramer Patent & Design will be bound by attorney client privilege. All employees and representatives of For Sale By Inventor are required to sign confidentiality agreements to ensure complete confidence for you and your invention idea. *A digitally time-dated copy of your Record of Invention will be sent to you by email immediately upon submission for your records. Sincerely,

Neil E. Montgomery CEO For Sale By Inventor


The purpose of the Inventor Disclosure is to inform inventors that the process of creating a new product/concept and developing it into a commercial success is extremely difficult, time consuming, often frustrating, confusing and usually costly. To succeed, inventors normally must accomplish, at a high level: the legal process (patents, copyrights, trademarks, etc); engineering, scientific or technical factors; production concerns; and, market distribution.  For an individual inventor, this can be a daunting task and should be carefully considered before risking talents, time, energies and capital.

Although an inventor can always represent themselves, inventors are strongly encouraged to seek advice and assistance only from licensed professionals. For Sale By Inventor’s mission is to provide coordinated, professional services for inventors to help launch their invention ideas into new products onto the market.

For Sale By Inventor specializes in consulting, researching and educating small and micro entity inventors. For Sale By Inventor never evaluates an invention in terms of potential marketability.

For Sale By Inventor refers all patent and engineering work to Cramer Patent & Design on behalf of inventor clients. Advertising, virtual prototypes, websites and representation services are provided by Advertising – Generation, LLC through their proprietary website ForSaleByInventor.com.  This process ensures a coordinated effort and complete confidentiality.

For Sale By Inventor and any related entities neither singularly nor collectively, considers itself to be an invention promoter or developer; regardless, the following is disclosed in the spirit of full disclosure.

The total number of inventors who contacted For Sale By Inventor and any related entities over the past 5 years is approximately 125,000; from that total, approximately 60,000 submitted ideas for review with about 12,000 offered contracts for research services; resulting in 3,974 contracting for professional research services. Following research, 2,162 received positive professional opinions of patentability and feasibility and were proffered development agreements. 1,127 inventors contracted for some combination of our patent, engineering and marketing services.

Of the total clients contracting for our services, 53 received licensing agreements and 27 have reported a net financial profit while hundreds of cases still remain active. Licensing is just one option that an inventor can pursue to commercialize their invention and was not pursued by clients who only contracted for legal, engineering or sales representation services. An additional 182 inventions have reported commercial success meaning that they either have been or are currently available for sale. Since these clients have no obligation to report their specific financial records to us, we are not aware of how many of these have made more than they spent on their invention.

DISCLAIMER: Past performance of professional services can provide no guarantee of future profits or that anyone will agree to purchase, license, produce or distribute any invention idea. Bringing an invention from an idea to marketed product is a high risk venture.

rev.  7/2017

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