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Paint Brush Protector

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The invention is a plastic paint brush sleeve that provides storage, protection and care for paintbrushes.



  • Multiple Drying Holes
  • Attached Brush/Comb
  • Integral Stabilizer Bar
  • Protects Brush from Deformation
  • Extends Life of Brush



Objective: Looking for retail or wholesale companies to license/purchase direct
IP Status: Utility Patent #8,607,979
Inventory: N/A
Suggested Retail: N/A
Wholesale Price: N/A
Cost/Unit: N/A
Prototype Status: Virtual
History: Product is patented




Inventor Scott Gordon Cody of Regina, SK has created a plastic paintbrush sleeve that provides storage, protection and care for paintbrushes.

There is no getting around it every paint project requires the use of a paintbrush. Typically, paintbrushes are cleaned after use to either be stored or moved to the next project. Inventor Cody has created a superior means by which paintbrushes can be properly cleaned and protected during use or for storage after. A protective sleeve helps guard against drying deformations, debris and dust during transport or storage. It is made of sturdy plastic to stand the test of time, which is more durable than the paper cover currently in us today.

This environmentally friendly new invention extends the life of paint brushes, and protects them from deformation and dirt. It has multiple drying holes and a cleaning brush/comb assembly to make cleaning and maintaining paintbrushes convenient and easy. The use of the Paint Brush Protector And Maintenance System for Paintbrushes will undoubtedly prolong the life of any paintbrush.