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Orbital Bottle with Pump

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The invention is a spray bottle and manual pump with enhanced properties to prevent waste of bottle contents.


  • Ensures 100% Product Extractability
  • Pump Tube Always Immersed
  • Ideal for Liquids, Creams & Gels
  • Saves Consumers Money
  • Creates Customer Loyalty



Objective: Looking for retail or wholesale companies to license/purchase direct
IP Status: Patent #8,281,960
Inventory: N/A
Suggested Retail: N/A
Wholesale Price: N/A
Cost/Unit: N/A
Prototype Status: Virtual



Inventor Brandi Gers of Amelia, OH has developed spray and pump bottles that have enhanced features to prevent wasting bottle contents.
Spray and pump bottles are a common dispensing method for a variety of products such as liquid soap, hand cream, lotion, sanitizing solution, and the like. Often these bottles must be held at the perfect angle and rotated in order to work effectively; however, this is time consuming and frustrating to the user. Additionally, conventional bottles leave a good portion of the product behind, which results in unused product and wasted funds. Inventor Gers has created a means by which spray and pump bottles can be modified to address the disadvantages associated with conventional bottles.
This clever new invention allows the tube of spray or pump bottles to always be immersed in the bottle’s liquid, which ensures 100% use of the product. Any bottle equipped with the current invention is going to save the user money and create consumer loyalty. The use of the Orbital Bottle with Pump provides a distinct improvement over a conventional dispenser, and is technically and ecologically superior.