Zipper Pull Tab Retention Device

The invention is an apparatus to aid in the prevention of clothing zippers being inadvertently opened.

  • Holds Zipper in Locked Upright Position
  • Easier To Hold & Grab Zipper
  • Extends Lifetime Of Clothing
  • Eliminates Embarrassing Moments
  • Ideal For Apparel & Purses


Utility Patent 8,453,301

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Patty McCoy of Mount Holly, NJ has developed a device to reduce the chances of embarrassing zipper malfunctions.

The zipper is one of the oldest and most popular fastening systems used on clothing. They can be found on all types of clothing, including shirts, coats, jackets, pants, and even shoes. Zippers are very popular since they are quickly opened and closed and form a tight seal that almost eliminates air passage, making them perfect on winter coats. They are also very strong and will typically last the lifetime of the garment. Unfortunately, zippers are not completely faultless and sometimes have a tendency of becoming unintentionally unzipped. While this is annoying on coats and jackets, an unzipped pair of pants can be mortifying. Inventor McCoy has created a means by which zippers can be securely kept in a closed position.

This clever new invention is inserted over a zipper pull tab and locks the zipper in an upright position. This not only eliminates embarrassing moments, but can also extend the lifetime of clothing that may have a broken zipper. The invention makes the zipper easier to grip and hold and is ideal for all apparel and accessories with zippers. The use of the Zipper Pull Tab Retention Device allows one to be assured that their zippers will remain closed without worry.

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