Worm Refuge

An easy and eco-friendly way to transform your soil!

  • Features a Special Perforated Pipe Attached to a Flowerpot
  • Pipe is Buried Below Ground and Filled with Kitchen Scraps to Attract Worms
  • Second Flowerpot Inside the First Keeps It Covered and Can Be Used to Plant Anything You Prefer
  • Worms Enrich and Aerate the Surrounding Soil


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Russell S. Hopper of Red Bluff, CA has created an easy and eco-friendly way to transform your soil!

Living in an area of California with very bad soil, the ground is usually filled with rocks and is infertile in various places. Like many, Russell did not have time to continuously fertilize and aerate the hard ground. Instead, he decided to let the worms do the work for him. Russell installed a Worm Refuge in his yard and after six months, the ground around the refuge in approximately an 8-foot radius turned into beautiful dark and fertile soil! He was able to dig down with just his hand to plant flowers and bushes. Now, the Worm Refuge has been further developed and is ready for market!

The invention features a special perforated pipe attached to a flowerpot. Simply bury the pipe below ground and fill it with kitchen scraps to attract worms. Add a second flowerpot inside the first to keep it covered and plant anything you prefer inside it. Continue adding scraps occasionally, and soon the worms will have enriched and aerated the surrounding soil for you.

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