Weight Bearing Monitor

Alerts patients of weight bearing restrictions until full weight can be applied once again.

  • Can Be Set to a Prescribed Percentage
  • Continuous Light, Blinking Light, Colored Light, and Vibration Alerts
  • Reduces Risk of Aggravating or Worsening One’s Current Condition
  • Enhances Quality of Life
  • Works with Any Type of Footwear


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Michelle Miller, MA, MBA, and Dana Roslinski-Dunn, DPT, of Presque Isle, MI have created a shoe-worn apparatus that alerts recovering injury or surgery patients that too much weight is being borne by their lower extremities.

Those who are recovering from injury or surgery know all too well the difficulties they encounter as they heal. Perhaps the biggest worry is incurring additional injury during the recovery period. Many patients are given weight bearing restrictions until full weight can be applied once again. Patients, however, can only guess what a prescribed amount of weight feels like, or a medical condition may cause them to forget altogether, which can lead to regression or further injury. After Millers grandmother fell and cracked her hip, her dementia caused her to forget her fall. She needed several prompts from medical staff and family to bear no weight, lest she hurt herself even worse. In turn, Miller and Roslinski-Dunn were inspired to create the Weight Bearing Monitor!

The monitor is simply inserted into a patients shoe and set to a prescribed percentage. If too much weight is placed on ones lower extremities, an alert such as a continuous light, a blinking light, colored light, or vibration will activate. This will keep a patient from aggravating or worsening a current condition and lead to a safer recovery.

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