Vehicle-Mounted Split Toolbox

An innovative new storage device located within a bed of a vehicle.

  • Two Side-By-Side Toolboxes
  • Located at Rear of Pickup Truck Bed, Immediately in Front of the Tailgate
  • Hinge System Allows Toolboxes to Fold in Along the Side Walls of the Bed or Fold Out So They Sit Upon the Open Tailgate for Easy Access
  • Eliminates Climbing into Truck Bed
  • Long Lasting Material


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Scott Elwell of Clifton Springs, NY has created a vehicle-mounted toolbox that allows pickup truck drivers to store tools and other items in the bed of the truck, while also allowing ease of access to the toolbox from a grade position at the tailgate.

As carpenters, Scott and his friends have toolboxes in the back of their trucks. However, climbing in and out of a truck all day to access their tools quickly became an inconvenience. These toolboxes also interfered when trying to load long objects into the bed. Scott just knew there had to be a better way to access tools while on-the-job. In turn, he developed the Vehicle-Mounted Split Toolbox! This idea will benefit many hardworking men and women across the globe.

The invention consists of two side-by-side toolboxes located at the very rear of the pickup truck bed, immediately in front of the tailgate. Each toolbox is provided with a hinged lid that is lockable for security. A dual hinge arrangement permits the toolboxes to fold in along the side walls of the bed or fold out, so they sit upon the open tailgate. This positioning allows for easy access to the interior of the toolbox when standing on the ground. Additionally, when the toolboxes are either folded forward or rearward, long objects can easily be placed in the bed allowing use of the entire bed area.

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