Universal Safety Shower Curtain

Allows users to hold on, or gently lower themselves down to the floor if they lose balance, become ill, or disoriented while showering.

  • Heavy Duty Shower Curtain
  • Reinforced Shower Curtain Eyelets, Curtain Rod, and Brackets
  • Safety Grab Straps
  • Prevents Shower Curtain from Collapsing
  • Must-Have for All Seniors Living Alone


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Mike Nollau of Troy, MO has developed a shower curtain system that will eliminate the threat of falling and becoming injured while showering.

Even in a handicapped shower, the threat of falling and becoming injured is still a daily concern. One day, Mike saw the commercial of the lady stumbling in the shower. In the commercial, she grabs the shower curtain for support, but it falls, causing her to fall. Mike knew that if the shower curtain did not fall, she might not have taken the spill. This got him thinking. He knew a stronger shower curtain would be smart for everyone especially those with injuries and disabilities that require help getting in and out of the tub and shower. In turn, he created the Universal Safety Shower Curtain!

This innovative new shower curtain system features a strong waterproof curtain, heavy-duty curtain rod, and wall support mounting brackets. The shower curtain eyelets, curtain rod, and brackets are reinforced for added strength to support up to 250 lbs. In the event a person loses their balance, becomes ill, or disoriented while showering, short and long straps will be there for them to grab onto. This will allow them to hold on, or gently lower themselves down to the floor, without the curtain collapsing on them. While ideal for all bathrooms as a safety measure, this will be a must-have for seniors living on their own.

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