A multi-functional workout bench with adjustable capabilities.

  • Created for Any Upper Body Exercise
  • Accommodates Both Barbell and Dumbbell Weights
  • Padded Back Rest with Four Positions of Incline
  • Weight Stands Can Be Adjusted Through Four Position Levels
  • Saddle-like Holder Supports Dumbbells of Various Sizes
  • Holder Rotates 90° So a User Can Store Dumbbell at an Elevated Position


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Gene R. Vela of South Holland, IL has created a new multi-functional workout bench with adjustable capabilities.

Most people would like to do more dumbbell work but picking up the weight and getting it into position can be dangerous. The other danger is releasing the dumbbell from the flat position. Without a spotter, moving the weights is always a risk. With these things in mind, Gene was inspired to create Unico!

The invention accommodates both barbell and dumbbell weights and offers several important enhancements over other workout benches on the market. First, its padded back rest offers four positions of incline. The weight stands can also be adjusted through four position levels. The invention was created for any upper body exercise. If preferred, its U-shaped barbell holders can be removed and replaced with a saddle-like holder to support dumbbells of various sizes. These holders are open at the bottom, so a user can easily grip the dumbbells. The dumbbell holders will also rotate 90 so a user can store the dumbbell at an elevated position instead of moving it to and from the floor or a storage rack. How easy!

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