The future of car seats!

  • - Five-Point Safety Harness Straps and Central Release Buckle
  • - Protective Helmet with Interior Padding and Cooling Feature
  • - Temperature Sensor and Motion Sensor
  • - Alarm Horn and Smart Device Alerts
  • - Eliminates Frustration for Busy Moms and Dads


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Story Behind the Invention

Introducing a new car seat with enhanced safety features for protecting our children always.

It is all too often we learn of a tragedy involving death or serious injury that results from children being locked inside of a vehicle on a hot day. Whether the act is accidental or just neglectful, the dangers are very real and can be deadly. Even if the greatest care is taken to never leave a child alone in a car, even the best parent can become sidetracked, or communication with their spouse or partner can distract them causing them to leave their baby behind and locked in a car seat. But now theres U-Born! The future of car seats!

Once placed in the car seat, a child is secured in position with the five-point safety harness straps and the central release buckle. A protective helmet section with interior padding has been incorporated to provide an additional level of protection for the child. The car seat also features a temperature sensor. Should the child experience a temperature either higher or lower than a pre-programmed range, an alert will be sent to ones smart device as an external alarm horn sounds, indicating the child is in potential danger. When the sensor helmet is at a dangerous temperature, the smart car seat will inform the cab of the smart car that the baby is in danger. The cab will then tell the car seat to turn on the cooling system to cool the baby down. Cooling starts in the helmet and cools the brain down first. There is also a motion sensor. Should the child experience no movement or excessive movement, the same alerts will be issued. This means you will be able to ensure every feature is functioning properly on the car seat. This eliminates frustration and will be a comfort to busy parents.

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