Turkey Foot Billiard Bridge

The Turkey Foot Billiard Bridge is a billiard bridge with a stylish twist!

  • For Hunting Enthusiasts or Wildlife Lovers
  • Works in the Same Manner as a Conventional Billiard Bridge
  • Made from 2 Turkey Feet Dried in Standing Position
  • Great Conversation Piece
  • Works for Both Right-Handed and Left-Handed Players


Design Patent #D771,212

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Dennis D. Kincaid and Wendy L. Lantz of Hot Springs, VA have created a billiard bridge with a stylish twist!

The billiard bridge is a common sight on every pool table, and now theres a clever new version for hunting enthusiasts or wildlife lovers. The Turkey Foot Billiard Bridge works in the same manner as a conventional billiard bridge, but performs even better due to the shape and height of the turkey foot. It is made from two turkey feet dried in a standing position and is placed down on the playing surface of a billiard table behind the cue ball at any desired distance. A player will hold the invention between their thumb and forefinger. The player then places the narrow end of their cue stick in the desired groove of the turkey foot before making their shot.

The Turkey Foot Billiard Bridge is a great conversation piece. It works for both right-handed and left-handed players. For manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities, act now!

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