The Shaper

A pneumatic tool for creating various foam shapes.

  • Air Operated
  • Speeds the Foam Shaping Process
  • Ensures Accurate and Consistent Foam Profiles
  • Especially Ideal for Shaping Motorcycle Seats to Stucco Popouts


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Cody Deal and Dora Deal of Cottonwood, AZ have created a new air-operated tool for shaping foam.

Dora started her own upholstery business in her backyard three years before she had a son. Now, she and her son, Cody, are both rated up there with the pros in upholstery. How do you shape foam? was one question they always wanted to answer. A grandma would ask for her cushions. A group of bikers would ask about their Harley seats. A fisherman would want to know for his boat. Competitor companies would ask about shaping bucket seats for car shows. After being asked by half a dozen people all within a year, Cody and Dora started developing a foam shaping tool through some trial and error. They found many ways that would not work or could hurt the user. Now, their idea has been fully developed and is the answer to how to shape foam!

With this foam shaper, not only is it easy to cut away a desired shape, but it can also be guided against any shape. Copying shapes will be done easily and effectively with this one tool. The Shaper can take on many different shapes itself and is a very versatile tool to cut away any sort of soft material.

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