The Incredible Straw

A reusable, antimicrobial bendy straw developed with shape-morphing technology!

  • Specially Designed Internal Frame for Bending the Straw into Any Shape
  • Keeps Straws Out of Landfills
  • Easily Washed Between Uses
  • Can Be Used Over and Over
  • A Wide Variety of Colors and Lengths Possible


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Matthew Poalillo of Wayne, NJ has created a reusable, antimicrobial bendy straw with shape-morphing technology.

As an environmentally conscious person, Matthew was greatly inspired by the reusable straw industry and the noble mission statement of refusing single use plastics. He thought to himself, Why cant changing the world be fun? Suddenly he saw the opportunity of combining his mission statement with his sense of fun to uniquely improve the function of the reusable straw. Like many, Matthew loved Silly Straws since he was a child. He would always bend them until they snapped trying to make the shape different but still functional. With this in mind, he was inspired to develop the Incredible Straw! He knew he had found the perfect solution for his childhood self. A solution that would also help his mission statement and impact the world in several positive ways.

The invention looks like other silicone straws, but it has a specially designed internal frame that allows you to bend the straw into any shape you want. You can twist it to make it more portable to reach that last sip of your favorite hot or cold beverage, or bend it just to create fun shapes. To clean and return the straw to its original form, all you need is hot water.

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