The Feeding Glove 100

Feeding orphaned or abandoned young animals may just save their lives.

  • - Latex Glove for Formula with Finger Orifices
  • - Encourages Instinctual Feeding
  • - Provides the Comfort of a Warm Human Touch
  • - Feed Up to Four Animals Simultaneously
  • - No Bottle Feeding or Tube Feeding Required


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Kathryn Robinson of Lewes, DE has created a lifesaving new device for feeding animals.

Kathryn and her husband breed animals and have had many issues when it comes to the mother being able to produce milk or even have a motherly instinct. There are also situations when animals are too ill to feed on their own. When you run into these problems, you are stuck with the dreadful task of tube feeding. Tube feeding is tedious and time-consuming and without proper knowledge of how to do so, you can kill the animal. Bottle feeding is not possible in most cases because the animals are not familiar with bottles and tend to reject them. Kathryn just knew there had to be another way. In turn, she was inspired to develop the Feeding Glove 100! Not only has it given them the extra time to sleep, it has saved their animals!

The invention features a latex glove with four fingers. At the tips of these fingers are orifices. To use this invention, you will wash and sanitize your hand and put the glove on. With your hand facing down, you will then use a squeeze bottle or syringe to inject formula into the glove. The formula will move to the tips where the young animal can suck through the orifices. Up to four animals can be fed simultaneously. This system will encourage instinctual feeding and provide the comfort of a warm human touch.

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