The Drop Zone

An anti-theft drone delivery station.

  • Accepts Deliveries and Provides a Secure Storage Space
  • Exact Location of Station is Determined by GPS Receiver
  • Opens to Receive a Parcel Via Sensor, Then Closes Securely When Drone Exits
  • Allows for Easy Retrieval by Authorized Individual
  • Significantly Reduces Chance of Theft
  • Weatherproof


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor John P. Hyde of Tulare, CA has created a safe and secure drop box for drone deliveries.

It is simply not possible for a recipient to always be home when a package is delivered. As a result, packages left on stoops, entryways, and front porches are often stolen. While watching the news around Christmastime, John was deeply saddened to hear about people losing presents from their loved ones due to theft and burglary. He just knew there had to be another way. With drone package delivery being perfected, John was inspired to develop an anti-theft drone delivery station.

The station accepts deliveries, provides secure storage, and easy retrieval of packages delivered by a drone or other unmanned aerial vehicle. The exact location of the station is determined by a GPS receiver located at the bottom of the structure. When a package is delivered to the station, a hatch will open to receive the parcel via sensor, then close securely when the drone exits. The station stays locked when not in use and will open automatically when the delivery is attempted by an authorized individual. As a fail-safe, the station can also be used for manual deliveries as well.

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