Solar Steamer

Perfectly steamed veggies on-the-go!

  • Great for Busy Vegetarians, Vegans, and Healthy Eaters
  • No Worry of Spills or Injury Due to Hot Water
  • Removable Carrying Handle
  • Can Be Used Virtually Anywhere
  • Various Colors and Sizes Possible


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Alaysha N. Jenkins of Kansas City, MO has created a portable on-the-go vegetable steamer!

After becoming vegetarian, Alaysha began paying more attention to the types of food she was serving herself and her children. As a surveyor, she was always out in the field and found it very difficult to purchase fresh steamed vegetables on-the-go. Preparing a simple meal such as garlic butter veggie medley or steamed broccoli and cheese was almost impossible. She just knew there had to be a solution. In turn, she developed the Solar Steamer! Now, whether you are on your lunch break, camping, or on a family trip, you can enjoy a healthy meal that is steamed to perfection.

The invention lets you steam any kind of vegetables, virtually anywhere! The appliance is solar powered, or it can be plugged into an external power source. The steamer was created with safety in mind, so there is never any worry of spills or injury due to hot water. The technology used for this device ensures the steamer will never get hot enough to burn you. A removable carrying handle allows for easy transportation. Various colors and sizes are possible.

Let the Solar Steamer help you steam the food you feel good about eating! Contact us NOW for additional information or for manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities.


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