screen prep

The safer way to build a screened in porch!

  • - Board Apparatus with Grooves
  • - Allows for Safe Removal and Installation of Windows and Screens from Inside
  • - No Scaffolding or Ladder Needed
  • - Greatly Improves Safety
  • - Perfect for Do-it-Yourselfers


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor and contractor, Randy Caulder of Fairmont, NC has designed a screen preparation tool.

After finishing the framing of a screen porch, Caulder turned to one of his employees and asked, What if we could route those studs on the entire porch just like we did for that screen door? His employee laughed, That would take a lot of time and work! It had Caulder thinking though. Soon after, he developed Screen Prep!

At a lumber store, simply purchase a standard pack with 2x4 studs and 4x4 corners, based on the size of your plans. Back at home, framing can start immediately. Afterward, simply insert your screen into the grooves in the studs and corners and secure with spline. Youre done! No need to apply trim. You can add lattice if youd like, but its really not necessary, because with Screen Prep, youll already have a neat, tight job well done.

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