RV Slide-Out Sweeper

An innovative new cleaning device for your slide out.

  • Contains a Brush Head and Squeegee Head
  • Telescoping Handle Reaches Varying Heights
  • No Ladder Needed
  • Quick, Effective, Compact
  • For Use with All RVs
  • Handy Carrying Case


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Eric and Stephanie Schwebach of Alton, IA have created an efficient new cleaning device for a slide out!

As owners of a camper with three slides, Eric and Stephanie know the importance of keeping the top of the slides clean to ensure the camper stays in good working order for many years to come. Forgoing cleanup can damage the slide, rubber seals, and even get water inside your RV. However, cleaning the top of the slide can be difficult. Some people even pack ladders so they can clean off the slides before they travel back home. Eric and Stephanie just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, they developed a quick, effective, and compact solution!

The RV Slide-Out Sweeper features a telescoping handle that connects to a U-shaped attachment. It also features two interchangeable heads a brush with bristles angled out at the corners to ensure all debris is knocked free and a squeegee for water or snow. Based on what needs to be removed, youll select one of the heads and connect it to the end of the U-shaped attachment. As you walk beside your slide out with the invention in hand, you will now be able to effectively clean the top of the slide no ladder or other tools needed! After cleaning your slide outs, the brush head will attach to the telescoping handle so the device can be used as a broom to further assist with cleanup.

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