An innovative new way to deal with pet droppings!

  • Waste is Caught Before it Hits the Ground
  • More Sanitary
  • No Bending Required
  • Extendable Arm
  • Bag is Easy to Remove for Disposal


Utility Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Stephanie Baker and Janice McCord of Saint Charles, MO have created an innovative new way to deal with pet droppings!

As pet lovers, Stephanie and Janice have always had dogs. Owning a dog is a joy but cleaning up after them is far from it. In fact, some pet owners wont even pick up their dogs waste while out on a walk. This had Stephanie and Janice thinking. Why let the waste drop when it could be caught? Depending on what the dog may have eaten, they could have a loose stool. This would be no problem if it could just drop into a doggie bag. With these things in mind, they were inspired to develop Nopicapoop!

Before heading off on a walk, you will simply load a doggie bag into the circular net portion of the device. Whenever your dog starts arching their back to begin eliminating, the prepared bag is placed under their tail via an extendable arm. This ensures the waste is caught BEFORE it hits the ground! Not only is this more sanitary, it keeps you from having to bend down and eliminates the nasty feeling and smell associated with picking up the poop. Once your dog has completed their bathroom duties, the bag is removed and tied up for disposal. The extendable arm can then be moved to the shortest position for easy carrying as you enjoy the rest of your walk.

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