No 1 Left Behind Safe Tracker

An innovative new battery-powered bracelet for tracking an employee's vital signs.

  • Shares the Wearer's Name, Heart Rate, and Real-Time Location via GPS
  • Can Help Shave Valuable Minutes Off Emergency Response Time
  • Calls for Assistance if Wearer is Unable
  • Monitors Real Time H2 Levels in Oil and Gas Sector
  • Saves Lives

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Christopher L. Smith, Sr. of Foss, OK has created an innovative new battery-powered bracelet for tracking an employee's vital signs.

As someone who has worked in the oilfield for over 25 years, Christopher has had friends and co-workers die because of delayed response time during a workplace incident. In some industries, there is a sign-in sheet, so if a disaster happens, everyone goes to a muster point for a head count. However, during a disaster, he has witnessed people scatter in fear and forget company protocols, such as going to the muster point. Meanwhile, a worker could be trapped and it could take hours to find who is missing and who is present. Christopher just knew there had to be another way. In turn, he was inspired to develop the No 1 Left Behind Safe Tracker!

The invention is a lightweight, battery-powered bracelet that shares the wearer's name, heart rate, and real-time location via GPS. It is remotely monitored and can help shave valuable minutes off emergency response time. If the wearers heart rate gets too high or too low and they are unable to call for help, the bracelet will seek assistance for them. It also monitors real time H2S levels in the oil and gas sector.

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